Thursday, September 23, 2010


Little Josie has filled the hole in our hearts left by the passing of the Nickster last December.  For a while, Gwen was the Queen of the House, the only cat.  Now we have little Josie, who wants to play all the time.  She bonded with Keith closely because he slept with her, "lest she be lonely" and now, she and Abby keep us laughing every evening with their antics.  Josie has pulled the "Fall Tree" over, so we know we are in trouble for Christmas, and are making plans to anchor the Christmas tree on the side deck or porch.  We'll have a small one in here with no fragile ornaments this year! 

Josie was found under a car at church one morning, dumped, and is now about 3 months old.  She's a little cutie, and we are so glad to have her in the family.

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