Sunday, June 28, 2020

Where Did June Go?

Oh, My.  It's June 28th, suddenly. 

I don't even know where the month went. 

I calculated today I have not been to Mass since the second week of March, 
I COULD go right now by making a reservation, but I am scared, I admit it. 

I wear a mask everywhere, you will get no argument from me. 

However, things are bustling on the "farm". 

I posted this last night on Insta, it shows the boarded sheep (and goat) grazing in the south end of the yard.  There is still decent clover there, we just had some rain yesterday morning. 
The pasture IS still holding up, despite the scarcity of rain, and I have actually not 
cut it for a month. 

I really like these ewes, though the Hampshires will be leaving this 
week (I think) so that they can be shown at our county fair. 
The fair will be for Four H only, and no animals will stay overnight.
You will haul in, show, and haul out, and ONLY families are allowed on the 

One of the Suffolks will also be leaving, but they are going to rotate more in. 

This Southdown loves to lay by the walk gate, under the shade of the 
big walnut by the old henhouse. 
There is a swimming pool just out of sight in the bottom of the 
picture, and I top it off with cool water all day. 

I keep the ground here pretty moist for them, and she lays here 
off and on all day. 

My beautiful Rusty, trying to eat before the chickens discovered his food, 
last night by the big hen house. 

And here, sadly, is beautiful Tanner, the cat who let my son and I pet him. 
Feral, but becoming friendlier and friendlier.  This was a Sunday night, two 
weeks ago.  He ate at my feet (you can just see my toe)... he had a can 
of cat food and some dry food.  As soon as he finished, he took himself over 
to the bench on my deck and jumped up, as if he wanted to visit for a while. 

You can just see him in the dusk, listening to me talk to him. 

Several days went by and I called to him each evening, because he always came up to 
eat.  I did not see him in and out of the pasture feeder.  (the feral feeder which the raccoons 
have just about taken over).  

Then, Troy next door called.  He had been mowing and saw something in the grass by his pond, on the steep side. 

It was Tanner.  I won't show you the picture, I went over to look at him.  He appeared to have been attacked, but that could have happened after death.  I could not get down to where he was, 
I have an ankle that just would not cooperate.  He reeked, so he must have died as early as Sunday night.  My heart broke, I wanted to bring him in and keep him as an indoor cat. 

This guy, also, has disappeared. 

Yes, he was a big raccoon.  He was coming out regularly in the daytime, 
and lest you think that indicates rabies, it does not always. 
He was hungry, very hungry, and slowly would make his way to 
the water I keep at the base of the maple tree by the deck. 
I began to leave out plenty of food for him, and looked for him daily. 

Looking back over the pictures I took, I noticed something. 

The poor thing had to lean against the pole for support, 
he is doing it in virtually every picture. 

I noticed also that he was biting at his left rear hip, I tried to get it 
on film, but did not.  I think, now, that he had been shot. 
 This was the second to last night I saw him, and yes, I had been 
making plans to borrow a live trap and taking him to 
Operation Wildlife for humane euthanasia.  I pray that he 
did not suffer long.  He was a beautiful, unique brown color. 

I have two rex begonias on the porch, I love them so.  At one time, my 
mom and I had a collection of them in a sunroom. 

I love squirrels, and I cannot lie. 

Two weeks ago, I showed you the garden Keith built for me, 
and how it had become overgrown.  

Ben, the young man who has been doing the heavy weed eating for me, 
has completely cleaned it out and tilled it.  Tomorrow, 
after the plumber leaves, I am going to 
go buy some dirt.  I will have to drive all the way up to the beds, 
but I can still move the one cubic foot bags.  

I am going to plant some flowers (since it so late) and 
some squash and pumpkins, and then I am going to trust Ben to 
keep it clean in between the beds so that things don't disappear into weeds 
like last year.  

The sad thing is, grandson Chris and I filled all those beds last year, too. 
This will probably be the last hurrah for the raised beds. 
I still like the idea of the Rubbermaid troughs. 

Because clearly, these containers were NOT big enough. 

That is a heavily-laden cherry tomato. 

If I don't water daily, this is what happens. 
(to be fair, it was windy) 

Some friends lost nearly their whole flock to foxes and raccoons. 
I'm keeping their remaining birds for a few more days, it's been fun 
watching them. 

Check out her eye. 

Every day she lets herself out of the fenced yard (yes, I  know how) and 
comes up to the deck to lay in the planter.  She bit me today while I was trying to 
pick something off her back! 

He was giving her some sass for trying to eat his food, I missed them face to face. 

Here she is walking away, after being scolded.

My sweet little Fritzi girl is being tested for Cushings tomorrow. 
This will be the second Monday she has spent at the vet, and I worry 
so about her. 

We will see what happens. 

How can we be thinking of Fall already????

Everyone have a safe and happy Fourth of July!  

I will be spending it here at home, keeping my babies safe. 

PSS... I forgot about these guys: 

The baby raccoons are everywhere! 


  1. oh wow! a fall magazine. damn quarantine! i want to go out looking for fall stuff. sorry about the so sad.

  2. I'm sorry about Tanner Mary Ann. Poor fellow. That's what kills me is not knowing what happens to them.

    Take care and don't over do it.

  3. Hari OM
    Your menagerie is amazing MA!!! So sorry to read of Tanner - yet I wonder if he was actually rather an old fellow and was anyway wandering to find his place of rest as cats are prone to do? He had some love last days with you. As did the racoon. And here we are near into July. Our weather today resembles autumn already... YAM xx

  4. you have quite a job there, keeping all your babies safe. Sorry about the ferrel cat and just when he was becoming friendly. Hard to believe the 4th is almost here, but I do think summer is just about over and all things back to school seem to begin. All the sudden people get tired of summer and want fall to come. Not me I still want to enjoy summer while I can.

  5. I love seeing all your animals. I am glad you are wearing a mask. Do what you feel comfortable with! Stay safe and stay healthy.


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