Sunday, March 1, 2020

Hello March!

February rushed on out of here with a blast of warmer air, after bringing us freeze and thaw all month long. 

Today it is 65 degrees! 

The beautiful moon has been shining down on us the last few nights, I was not able to capture Venus to it's upper right. 

Here's Niblet, who turns one year old this month. 

Her mama, Fluffy. 

(Almost shearing time) 

Mr. Up Close and Personal, Cookie... the gentle wether. 

His mama, Flicka, the putative leader of the flock. 

I am typing this in my office, and watching them out of the window right now... they are grazing just outside, by the propane tank.  The grass is greening up here, and I rotate them from yard to pasture and back. 

I am not going to plant the garden beds in the raised garden this year, so if I can keep 
them out of the flower garden, they can go back and forth all summer. 

That will be an undertaking. 

I figured right on my winter hay supply, I have about fifteen bales left (maybe a little more) and they are grazing more than eating hay right now. 

I so enjoy watching everyone. 

And here, without doubt, is the Harbinger of Spring for Calamity Acres....
the Red-winged Blackbirds are back!

They are the truest sign here!

The south end of Buddy, going across the yard this morning. 

Buddy comes in the yard now every day, so that Singleton, his older brother and he don't fight. 
Singleton and their dad, Ferdie, get along okay as long as they don't get too close to each other. 
In another six weeks, Singleton and his girls will go to the Ag Hall for the summer, and Buddy and his dad can co-exist on the same side of the fence, the non-house side. 

Little Red, the hen, comes in and out of the yard all day to keep him company. 

Little Red on the flock side. 

Fritzi was exploring yesterday in the good weather.  Yes, she is still woefully overweight, and we are still struggling.  If anyone has advice for me, I'll be glad to listen to it.  We are really 
having a hard time. 


  1. It's hard to lose weight. Smaller portions and you have to ignore begging eyes.

    What do you do with the wool?

  2. I love that view from your window. What a lovely sight. We are now in the 50's for a few days and it is wonderful, but you are warmer. I love spring a little more each year.

  3. Have you tried adding French green beans to (reduced amount) of kibble? Fills the tummy and no fat. My dogs act like they are eating steak!


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