Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Winter Go Away!

Does anyone know where Spring has gone? 

Friday night, this was about all the snow that was left, except for a few piles on 
the north side of the shop and a few other, scattered around the yard.  Those are the piles left from my shoveling the gate out last week. 

Sunday morning. (notice the four squirrels) 

We didn't get a lot of snow, but what we got was bone-cutting cold. 
It never got above four degrees all day. 

All the birds were kept in, and yes, I caught the 
ducks (horrid, as I expected) and carried them into the 
old henhouse. 
They do not like me. 

Right now it is 16 degrees above, and the feels like is 
3.  IF we get above 20 by noon, I'll let everyone out for a while. 
The thing that worries me, is that I found the ducks actually shivering on 
Sunday morning, which is why they got put into the henhouse.  It is supposed to 
go to nine tonight, and then gradually warm the rest of the week, with highs on the 
weekend in the 40's.  For all of you duck keepers... I have never actually caught 
my ducks shivering... and I have kept them for a long time. 

We do have a bright, sunny day. 

Singleton and his girls are NOT happy about their new roomates. 
This is the oldest hen house, our original.... was adapted for hens. 
Starlings used to get into it ... the walls are still marked... and 
the birds generally go out in front, instead of into the old henyard, which is through 
the popholes you see. 

All of the hen houses need cleaning, but I am NOT doing it in the cold. 

I don't know how well you can tell, but light refracted through the 
communications tower in the wild area across from me the last two days, and 
made a rainbow in the snow in my side yard. 

My girl Lil tries to stay with me as I do chores, but more and more, she 
must lay down or sit down and rest, and just wait for me.  

Our time grows ever shorter. 

Little Cookie (granddaughter Paiton said he looks like 
Cookies and Cream ice cream) is growing strong, 
and Mama Flicka is taking good care of him. 

He and Lilly are very curious about each other. 

It's comforting to me to look out and see the lights on in the 
little barn at night.  The sheep do sleep inside, but are mostly 
outside during the day, despite the cold. 

I notice Cookie nestles close to his Aunt Fluffy and Mama 
on the coldest days. 

Those lights will be turned off this weekend. 

As my friend Vickie said, 

"That's a happy, healthy lamb!" 

Many of you who have read this blog for the last ten years 
know that I am a huge circus fan. 

I rarely get to go any more, and I post this knowing that some people are 
going to be angry that I admit to this love for an old tradition.  I had the pleasure of 
knowing some long time circus workers, and several performers in the "old days"... and belonged to Circus Fans of America for years. 

Saturday, despite the cold, I took Paiton and Jax to Garden Brothers Circus. 
There are no longer any elephants on the show, or big cats. 

They did have a pony sweep, very small ponies for very small kids, and 
one camel.  I looked, all animals were in great shape.  The only animals 
in the performance were four trick horses ridden by the Cossack riders, 
and one dog, in a clown skit.  The horses were led around at intermission 
for the larger kids to ride.  

The performers were young, in great shape, and put on a great show. 
If you have a chance to see them... they often do Shrine Circus shows...
then take advantage of it. 

We were in the front row. 

We ate a lot and had a great time. 

Paiton has continued all winter with her riding lessons, 
and I get to take her on Friday afternoon.  I'll try to get 
some good pictures to show where she is now, after nearly a year 
of lessons.  I'm so proud of her, she rode on some really cold weekends, 
and had to go out in the field and catch Appy, her regular mount.  

They did cancel lessons this weekend, in the sub-zero weather, thank 

We are headed for fifties, and they can't come soon enough!

Jester might even be able to come out of hibernation! 


  1. Oh, I sure can relate with your sentiments! I want winter to go away too!
    We have bouts of snow, and just as it melts away, we get clobbered again.
    You are taking good care of your animals and it's plain to see how caring you are.

    Glad you were able to get out to the circus. Looks like you had an enjoyable time.

    We've seen a few robins this week...so maybe spring is on it's way after all.
    March is often in like a lion and out like a lamb, though I wish it were in like a lion cub ~LOL!


  2. Hari OM
    We are about to get hit with winter after two ridiculous, summer-temp weeks. In like a lamb, out like a lion may still hold water! YAM xx

  3. Like Jester, I too may finally be able to come out of hibernation! Our weather has been much the same and warming on the weekend. My one and only trip to a circus was on my first date with DDH. So many years ago. But I do love them. How great you got to go!

    Love and hugs,

  4. We join you in hoping it gets a little warmer.

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