Friday, February 23, 2018

The Cold, Wet Week

It has been a cold, wet week here at Calamity Acres, though I admit the temps have not been horrible...
but the thawing ice has begun our Season of Mud, you know... spring. 

Two cardinals were patiently waiting on this red-bellied woodpecker to 
finish his meal yesterday. 

I got about 8 male cardinals in one picture last night, that I have not 
uploaded yet.  They are the last to feed in the evening. 

I finally (today, Friday) was able to chip all that ice in the flat feeder out, and get 
all that wet seed onto the ground.  I am going to have a real mess to clean up next week.  

I never get tired of watching the wild birds.   And yes, I AM spending a fortune on 
bird seed this winter.   Actually, I have bought some hanging feeders, and next year will fill the feeders, and whatever falls on the ground goes to the ground feeders (so I say right now). 
We know how long that will last.  
There are some unusual little birds in this picture. 

A few minutes later, there were some new birds at the top feeder. 

God bless my late husband for building the feeding station for me, because he knew how much 
I loved wild birds. 

Looking down into the pasture was beautiful in the light.  

As were the apple trees as I came in the gate. 

All of this is melting today. 

Of course, there's this....

I tried to back into my parking spot by the house, and felt myself slipping, so turned south and
took a circle around the lightpole.  Ummmmm, I pulled TOO FAR towards the slight 
hump...(remember, this property was terraced for planting years ago) and slid towards the old henhouse.  I stopped right there, all week long they have played on the news you should NOT rock your car to get loose... I might have tried it for a minute.  My son is coming out after work to 
get me loose and parked again, and I feel like a dork for doing it in the first place. 

Lo, through these many years (since 2005) of living in the country...I have worn 
plain green boots.  I treated myself to a pair of "Dipsy Dots" boots at TSC this morning.
They are comfortable, and were the only size 8s I could find.  So I'm stylish doing chores, now. 

It's in the mid-thirties this afternoon.  A few hens ventured out... only 3 came out yesterday and 
stood on the porch all day.  

They do NOT like the ice.  I do not like the ice.  

Lilly fell on it this morning, and I was pondering how to get her up... she was splayed... without hurting her, when she managed to lunge to her feet.  We have been taking baby steps all week to avoid falling, and you know what?  It wears you out. 

Smart boy. 

This afternoon. 
Invariably, if I look out... someone is looking back in. 

Also at TSC, but, I will warn you... I got a large and they are cut 
small.  Be forewarned. 

That's about how I feel about it too, while it's so cold and wet.  (And after getting scalped by
Great Clips three weeks ago). 

My big girl is still guarding her long-dead possum. 

A friend contacted me last night to tell me that her neighbor is willing to sell me some pullets that will soon be coming into lay this weekend, they are mixed breed, but I don't care.  Five more will give me a boost towards donating ten dozen a week, I am at about six at this point, and am 
using some here to feed the dogs several times a week.  I would take ten new birds, but it would overload the Hen Spa. 

Somehow this summer, I am going to figure out how to feed the ferals out of the weather next year, 
and take back the old henhouse, and put a few hens in there. 

Heavens knows I have enough room to do it. 

This made me smile.  I had just gone out to the old henhouse to put out the wet food, top off the dry, and make sure there was good water in the bowl.  Here came the grey tabby, from the direction of the 
garage (on my property).  I have looked in there, if he is living in there, he is hidden... but that gives me an idea for next season, I might put some dog houses in there.  ANYWAY.... he was on his way to dinner.  He did not see me watching him from the deck. 

In fact, after thinking about it for a few minutes, this would be a good thing.  I would get the 
feeders away from the house, out of the elements... have to think about how to run a 
heated water bowl, but I may be able to run that from the shop (barn)... 
this may be a solution for next year.  The shop classes at the high school make 
really nice dog houses for 35.00 each, and that would be a good deal.  I could put them at the back of the building, and store the mower, cart and some garden supplies at the front. 


  1. Hari Om
    I am smiling, warmed by your plans for shelters and feeding and eggs... a little slip sideways will be soon forgot! YAM xx

  2. After I got scalped once by Great Clips, I won't go back there!

  3. I got scalped the last time I went to the salon...not Great Clips but similar. I've found it depends entirely on the person who does the haircut.

    Dog house plan for the feral cats sounds wonderful. They appreciate any food, water and shelter.

  4. oh you don't have to worry about those kitties, they will find the food
    I'm glad we didn't get any more white stuff
    we actually had a beautiful (although muddy) sunny day on Saturday
    then it rained all day on Sunday and all night


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