Friday, June 2, 2017

Where do the Weeks Go?


This guy.  Because of him I follow about 50 Bostons on Instagram. 

In fact, once I get moved, I'm going to make his own account for him on 

That's Sister's paw in the picture. 

My heart swells when I see my old girl in her element. 
This is where she grew up, and probably, where she will die. 

You remember that I started out feeding the abandoned half-grown kitten at 
the farmhouse?  Then two more cats started eating, along with 4 raccoons, 
and two opossums, and many, many birds. 

Now they are passing judgement on my choice of cat food.  I bought this 
generic cat food at the feed store, it came in a thirty pound bag for 
much less than I had been paying.  You notice they are not cleaning 
their plates as they were before, but leaving some every day.  Some days, 
the water bowl is even full (raccoons dip their feed in the bowl). 
I had to laugh. 

At least I'm saving some money, and according to what I see 
on the game camera... the cats are still eating. 

More of this...

And this! 

The yarrow is blooming!

and my only kniphofia left... 

The globe thistle is hanging on... 

And look what is starting! 

Yes, the beds are still full of weeds, but 
I'll get them, little by little. 

Next week sometime, towards the end of the week... 
a dozen of the hens at the Ag will come home 
with me to live in the henspa. 

Until I am living there full time, they will have to stay in the fenced 
chicken yard.  Once I move, they can roam around in the yard. 

I end, as I started.  Jester bruised an eye 
a few days ago, and after a trip to the vet 
yesterday, he is on medicine for the bruising, 
and taking it easy.  He will be fine. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend! 


  1. Poor Jester! Like the lily photo. Feed the critters what you can afford. They aren't that hungry or they wouldn't be so picky.

  2. What Gorges said about the picky critters. Everything is coming around – the blooms, the weeding, the chickens; I'm happy for/with you!

  3. i love seeing you and lily back in your element! and so very cool that you are about to have chickens again!

  4. The weeks fly by and it's good to see an update from you. Glad your little guy is doing well. And the big fellow is enjoying life at the old homestead. The flowers do delight us as they come back year after year don't they? I know it's busy days for you right now. Take good care and enjoy the days as they come.

  5. Hari OM
    Time flies when you are having fun &*>... POTP for Jester's sore eye... oooohhhh fresh eggs in the offing... YAM xx

  6. I suspect your dogs are as happy to be "home" as you are. Wonderful to see some of your flowers blooming. I'm sure the animals appreciate your food. If they are truly hungry, they will eat it.

  7. I wonder the same thing - poor Jester, I'm glad he is on the mends

  8. Oh dear, we never heard of a bruised eye! We hope it gets better quickly. How long does it take you to go from one house to the other? Especially love that first photo of grandson!!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  9. Oh he's so sweet. Especially on that furry pillow. Just love him.
    Those hens will be in heaven.
    Lilly Ann is like my Country. She loves being out and watching things.

  10. Hope Jester feels better soon!
    The flowers are beautiful.
    Little guys and baseball --summer for sure!

    M : )


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