Friday, September 9, 2016

Catching Up Again

I can't believe it's been Sunday since I've posted, I really am 
losing track of time. 

"Fredd", a blogger, took offense at my comments about the 
Big Ditch.  I doubt that Fredd reads blogs like mine very often, 
we are not of the same blogging mind.  His comment about my 
story of the Big Ditch was that since the land was not mine, 
I should mind my own business. 

He missed the point.  I was bemoaning the loss of habitat 
for the animals, not excoriating the land owners. 

Here's another loss I excoriated this week: 

With this poor stiff dead raccoon, was a live baby, and I could not tell 
how long it had been imprisoned. 

I let it loose.  I made it clear (gently) I could not take this, a humane 
trap must be checked daily in the state of Kansas, and marked with the 
name and phone number of the entity setting the trap. 

I am not casting stones, but this is not the way I roll. 

My feeling, and I will let it be known here, has ALWAYS been... 
plant an extra tomato plant for the rabbits, raccoons, and possums. 

For crying out loud, people. 

Here is something else I don't mind.  The little creatures having a bite on me. 

I don't leave it out at night, because moths will become entangled in the jelly and die. 

So far, I have not been stung. 

By any of the visitors. 

Here was King on his throne this morning at the Ag, talking to his ladies. 

He's just such a beautiful rooster.   

You can tell we have had some rain, and it's raining out there now. 

Those sneaky girls, I found six eggs in the next box in the old henhouse, which we are 
leaving open. 

The birds are on penicillin (duromycin) until Sunday for their upper respiratory infections, so 
I am boiling and feeding back their eggs until 3 days after I stop medicating. 

Fresh eggs normally will not peel... guess what I have discovered?
If I boil these for fifteen minutes, then put them under cold water and let it run a few minutes... they peel easily! 

We have someone coming tomorrow to take part of them, and all the Wyandottes and Dominiques in this picture have been sold. (The black and white birds). 

We are trying to get down to about ten birds for the winter. 

Current state of the straw bale garden.  

Remember, these are four tomato plants I bought from an enterprising gardener in 

Next year, I am going back to starting my own. 
The cherry tomato here was NOT good... the flavor left much to be desired, and 
tho the plant produced okay,  it is already dying off.  
The other three plants produced pretty well, but the tomatoes were 
not very big, and I had a lot of trouble with cracking.  (That may have been the rain-heat-rain cycle). 
I still have about 30 good sized tomatoes on the side facing the fence, or away from the this picture. 
I have given away a LOT of tomatoes, just not as nice as last year's. 

The tomato plants on the deck are doing well... in fact, one has huge cherry tomatoes and I am going to save seed from it.  These were the volunteers. 

We are about to have a huge ball of mums on the downstairs patio! 

The Girl with the Maybelline Eyes on the deck last night. 

I love these big begonias at the Ag .... I would like to have some here next year. 

And the sedum is blooming now, reminding us fall is almost here. 

This is something else I love... callicarpa!  A beautiful shrub


  1. We have sedum blooming here too, but it's not as nice as other years as it's been way too dry . Looking out this morning I see we got some rain overnight. Hopefully everything will have gotten a good watering. We need it.

  2. Hari OM
    Callicarpa is a new one to me - but I like what I see! Am 100% with you on the trapping issue. We either value life - any life - or we don't. I know which side I prefer... YAM xx

  3. Your mum is going to be gorgeous!!

  4. Yeah, I saw that comment and agree; he doesn't get it. Just like the logged lot next door, the new owner had every right to log it off, but that doesn't matter to all the creatures who found their home and safety there. And he hasn't done a THING with it since, has just left it to grow noxious weeds that spread their seeds around the neighborhood. Now that DOES affect ME!

  5. He must have just been passing by and spewed out that comment. Yes, I also recognize the value of a life but there are certain varmints that I don't feel too sorry for (spiders, mice, rats, wasps, flies, mosquitoes, to name a few) but for the most part I feel sorry for any lost life. Now about the tomatoes . . . I've had to buy them from a farm market. The ones I was buying seemed hard and green in the center. At first I thought this was just an "early fruit" sort of situation. Then I changed farm stands and am not in ripe-fruit heaven!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley's mom

    1. Should say "now in ripe-fruit heaven". Dang paws on keys lol! I'm sticking to that story!

  6. Sometimes, Fredd is just just to pragmatic for his own good. He's a decent enough fellow, but he deals only in cold, hard facts. Period.

  7. I love the colors on that shrub. Poor baby raccoon. We trap on our porch and release as soon as we see them. Haven't even had to do that in quite a while.

    I really don't believe in trapping to kill. Or killing without eating the animal. Therefore, I tell the redneck ...... if you kill it, you have to eat it.

    Only exception to that rule is something dangerous. A poisonous snake or a obviously sick critter.

    The chickens look great. I wish I was closer so I could buy a few.


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