Saturday, January 9, 2010

Making it through the Brutal Week

We made it through the brutally cold week, without losing an animal. It wore us out, we admit it. We know that Lilly Horse is in distress, she has overeaten, and now with the somewhat warmer (single digit) temps, we are going to separate her from the feed and start getting her on the mend again. The ducks and geese survived, three in their house and the other five in Fort Apache, and the chickens, despite the starling storm, are fine, if going stir-crazy in their houses. Today it has stunningly become more temperate, when we expected wind chills of 30 below zero... so we have hope that the weather pattern is breaking. Keith has gone to load up on feed again, our fourth trip in two weeks, and we are still spreading pounds of feed for the wildings, but at least we can hope.
Seeing our neighbor this morning, we called out to ask how they had done this week, with their two dogs. We learned sadly that one dog had disappeared Monday night, never to be seen again. They had searched and searched for her, for had never found her. We are afraid the cold and bitter temperatures have claimed her, but they are holding out hope. She was a friendly dog, so they are hoping maybe someone on our country road took her in, or picked her up. It will be weeks before these snows have melted, to let them see if she is perhaps nearby, but was unable to get home.

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