Sunday, July 12, 2009

Second Verse, Same as the First!

Who knew hens could retain... breedings???? The Silkie Sisters, locked up now for 3 months in the little henhouse with their five offspring (two cockerels, three pullets, one that looks like an Old English Gamebird) have now surprised us with....four more chicks!!!

One bright yellow, two white, and one strangley gray, considering that the egg had to have come from one of the buff Silkie Sisters, so that chick must be Three, Four's, or Studley's. Hmmmm.

There are probably 8 more eggs under them, so we are having a population explosian. The bad thing is, their older brothers and sisters need to be out in the big wide world, but now I am afraid to leave the pophole door open as I did two days this week.

Mr. T has been satisfied the last three days with eggs, as I caught him in the henhouse searching for a meal. I left an egg on the floor for him this morning, and after my return, the egg was gone, so I know he is full tonight. A certain little brotherless gray chick is safe for one more day. He is smart enough to get high up on the roost now, so hopefully will not be Snake Dinner.

This weekend was spent in a happy way... touring the beautiful gardens on the Water Garden 2009 Tour. A section of the metropolitan area thought of as very low brow served to show the two best gardens of the tour to my mind, and featured not merely a water feature but glorious plantings. They were truly a privilege to view and take pictures of, and I came away with lots of good ideas for the decks and planting beds (and future planting beds) here at Calamity Acres.

Lastly, we are worried about our little Gwen, our cat who is not young, but not old. She is very tiny, having been abandoned with 18 other cats in a home and left to starve. She tries to eat everything in sight, so we are hoping that she has not eaten something that has disagreed with her. She has been a little more lethargic than normal lately, and has all of her shots, etc., so we are going to vet her this week and find out what is going on. She is the most dimunitive of the house animals, except for Kevin the Mouse who lives behind the drainboard and pops up now and then to see what's going on in the kitchen.

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