Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Visit from a Ship of the Desert

Thursday your blogger had a half day at work, and was visited by the erstwhile owners of the borrowed Llamas, Big Mama and Tony. Our friends had come to shear the llama wool for the summer's coming heat, give shots, and trim toes. Along with their shears and selves, they brought some more of their pets to visit. Clarabelle and Charlie the camels, Ali Baa Baa and Jasmine the baby sheep, Buddy the baby reindeer, and Frisbee the zebu calf all hopped out of the trailer when it pulled up. Didn't we have some fun!

Mama and Tony were shorn of their hot wool, and just in time for warmer temps. We expect Mama to be dropping her new calf (cria) anytime now, and are eagerly searching for them each morning in the pasture to see if there are twelve legs instead of eight.

I had fun bottle-feeding the baby reindeer ("buk buk buk") is the noise he makes, and the calf. Both had fun head-butting me, but all four babies believe Michael is their Maa Maa.

Here we are at the end of another week, and I have to admit we are worn out and tired. The events of last weekend (family wedding) and just keeping up daily chores is taxing, and throw in some viral complaints and it was good to see the work week over.

I'll post some pictures of the little critters.

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