Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Lost Weekend

Where do the weekends go?

Yesterday I wrote about making fence, but the supplies are laying there at the gate to the pasture in the cold and wet. It was just too blustery cold for the menfolks to build fence yesterday.

I guess we have one more day of this winter like weather, and then it will ease up (again). Something is banging outside to the east of the house, and I am almost afraid to look... the wind has been fierce and many old branches have come down out of the maple tree near the house. Beau was standing near the porch eating a little earlier, and when I looked out a few minutes later, a very large branch was down and shattered right on his bowl. I ran out the door to make sure he was allright, and found him on the north side of the house grazing. Whew!

We went to lunch for a Sunday afternoon treat, and came home to find all the new birds taking shelter in the lee of the big henhouse in the henyard. The Little Bunch was all out as well, and I told Husband only the big girls had the sense to stay in. Upon going into the henhouse, I discovered THEY were all out as well, and as I sit here and type this, I see red, brown, black and white tails running through the grass outside the horsepen. Even the 38 degree temps and bluster isn't keeping my girls in, though their feathery skirts are flying!

This weekend we had the two older grands, and their stepbrother. The house was full of boys, and we saw a good movie and then came home to play Monopoly. This morning after church I made cookies to be taken home and shared before we started out to meet their mother. We are glad to see them, but glad to "get the house back" too, and have peace and quiet, which we are enjoying now. Husband is napping, and I'm blogging, prior to going out to do the evening chores.

Pictures? I still can't figure out how to post the new Kodak Pictures into the blog... but I'll figure it out this week!

We are praying that Easter Sunday will be about 30 degrees warmer with sunny skies!

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